Server Infrastructure

Server Explanation :

How does the call center work?
The PBX server is the central point of the call center and it is designed to manage the processing of calls and the maintenance communication with contact center applications. Typically PBX server for this operation Based on IP Asterisk and call center application you can use a dedicated server running Linux.

Connection of the PBX Server of contact center to the telephone network is carried out either directly through the IP-channel through the SIP-provider as main connection , through additional VoIP gateways like FXO.

What components does the contact center server include?
FreePBX is ​​the most equipped and easy-to-use PBX Solution . Using FreePBX, you can create not only a full-featured VoIP service, but also some other information exchange services.

The distribution of the PBX server is built on the basis of CentOS (the Linux family). A convenient web interface serves for administration, monitoring and operation of the system. Developers of FreePBX supplemented the standard Asterisk software with their own utilities and third-party modules. The server distribution is optimized taking into account the possible work on virtual machines (VirtualBox, VMWare, XEN).

The FreePBX / Asterisk PBX server is an enterprise computer network service, so the knowledge of a regular system administrator is sufficient to configure and support it. The solution does not require the purchase of licenses, since the server software runs on the basis of free software.

The FreePBX / Asterisk complex provides spatial independence of the administrator, call center operators and supervisor. The web interface for configuring the call center and console access to the server via the SSH protocol allows you to remotely manage the system. The workplaces of contact center operators can be located outside the office.

High reliability and scalability of the solution is achieved due to the possibility of reserving key services.