Data Center : We can build IT


Forming a team of experts to build a Data Center can be a challenge. IT practitioners are often faced with a dilemma to employ the right personnel/contractors/vendors to construct and manage a Data Center built-up and operations. Synergy Beam can provide end-to-end solutions that offer a piece-of-mind that is economical, low risk and minor impact to on-going operations. By studying an organisation’s requirement, Synergy Beam will be able to suggest the right Tier class of Data Center that would meet the required standards and financial considerations.


Synergy Beam will put together a plan based on an organization’s business strategies, current and future data processing requirements and possible technology growth. A full study will be conducted and a report will be generated to indicate the electrical, mechanical and space requirements, together with layout drawings, cost estimation and tentative construction schedule.


A detailed report will enable Synergy Beam to generate a comprehensive design for Data Center. These include design layouts for fire protection, cooling, power, etc. We can even work with designated architects to ensure that the requirements are met.

Construction Management:

Synergy Beam’s project management team will ensure that all stages of construction are well managed. Civil construction works i.e. renovation or building of a Data Center structure from scratch are also undertaken. Qualified consultants in the field of electrical, mechanical and operations are available for a turnkey solution. We have a network of qualified subcontractors to work with in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Qualified and experienced Data Center professionals are accessible for consultation in areas such as computer hardware planning, architecture and space planning, electrical and mechanical engineering, site selection as well as turnkey services.

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