Integration of call center with corporate systems

Integration of call center with corporate systems

Integration of applications and contact center

Why call center integration?
Call-center can not be separate┬ásystem from other information systems of the company – CRM, ERP, Order Management, Service Management, Help Desk. Integration of applications into a single whole system increases the efficiency of the entire corporate information system of the company.

Integration of the contact center with the CRM-system gives the company a number of advantages. First, integration with the CRM system allows you to provide immediately 2 channels of information – voice (in a SIP-phone or headset) and text (on the screen of a PC employee call center). Accepting an incoming call, the user immediately receives all information about the called subscriber, if his number exists in the CRM system. Secondly, the call center operator does not need to waste time and outgoing calls – clicking on the link with the phone number, you can immediately call the desired contact.

The interaction of the call center with the ERP-system allows to automate a lot of routine operations. Integration of applications will ensure the making of calls and simplify the work of users of the ERP-system. For example, you can specify rules for automatically calling customers and employees. ERP-system, integrated with call center, will act as a source of data on important organizational and technological events. In turn, the contact center will assume the functions of delivering messages to contact persons.

What is the integration of the contact center with the system of orders?
One of the most demanded medium and small business tasks is the integration of the call center and the order management system (Order Management). Integration of enterprise applications (call center + order processing system) is one of the most powerful ways to increase sales, and many trading companies are successfully taking advantage of this integration of applications.

What is the benefit of integrating a call center with Service Desk?
Technical support (Help Desk, Service Desk) begins with the registration of any calls from end users. As a rule, Service Desk serves as a single point for users to contact the IT department. Therefore, IT solutions for the organization of technical support are often built on the basis of a call center, which acts as the starting point for contacts. In the future, the call center also serves as a source of information for users who have contacted technical support. Technical support staff provides the necessary technical service and informs users about the quality of service parameters in accordance with the SLA.

In large companies, the support service is usually organized on a multi-level basis. The user calls a support question by phone. The call center operator (1st support line) registers the call and helps the user to solve it, or passes the application to the 2nd support line. The second line of technical support receives applications from the first line and solves the problems of users, if necessary, involving specialists from specialized departments (3rd support line).