Corporate IP-telephony based on Asterisk

Corporate IP-telephony based on Asterisk

Design, implementation and maintenance of corporate IP telephony systems

Why do we need corporate telephony?
Corporate telephony allows you to combine the geographically spreaded offices of the company into a common network with a single numbering system. Currently, the most effective, reliable and cheap option is the creation of a corporate telephone network based on an IP network with the application of the IP PBX Asterisk – a system based on IP telephony.

Today it’s hard to imagine a company that does not use the capabilities of IP telephony. Everyone knows that corporate IP telephony can save a lot on long-distance calls. In conditions when VoIP telephony can reduce the cost of communication with branches several times, companies do not think for a long time: the solution will quickly pay off.

VoIP-telephony is beneficial not only in terms of optimizing communication costs. The essential value of IP-telephony lies in the services that it provides to corporate users. However, the greatest effect is achieved through the integration of corporate communications and data transmission networks of the company, the creation of the Unified Communications system.

How to build a corporate telephone network?
IP-telephony works over the existing IP-network of the company, using special VoIP-equipment (VoIP-gateway).

The main stages of creating corporate IP telephony: analysis of the existing network and existing communication systems, design and creation of a new multi-service network, deployment of IP telephony and services based on corporate IP-network.

Our company implements projects to create a unified corporate network on the basis of local networks of divisions and branches of the company. Within the framework of the projects, a corporate telephone connection is created on the basis of IP telephony, a single numbering plan is introduced and a basis for internal communication services is created.

Often, when implementing IP telephony, it is necessary to modernize the existing telecommunications infrastructure. For example, in order to increase the overall network performance, to avoid future problems in the transmission of voice or video on the corporate network, and to eliminate existing problems in the network.

For those companies that are not ready to fully switch to VoIP telephony (for example, due to corporate standards and previously invested in TDM), we offer hybrid solutions that facilitate the modernization of corporate telephony based on analog PBXs.

What features does corporate IP telephony provide?
The most demanded functions that are provided using IP telephony are: a call center, an interactive voice menu, an audio conferencing system, voice mail.

Our company creates holistic solutions based on VoIP telephony with a deep penetration into the business processes and IT infrastructure of the customer. Most of our clients themselves come to the decision to develop their infrastructure based on IP-telephony. For many of them, ip technology – the only solution that allows you to quickly and simply expand the corporate telephone network.

Building a multiservice corporate network based on IP-network allows you to reduce operating costs and introduce new useful functions to support the company’s business processes