Call center Voice Announcements for Incoming Calls

Call center Announcements

Announcements as a means of reducing the cost of processing calls

What is an Announcements?
If the system of automatic answering the calls , an announcements is used to receive incoming calls and automatically play informative information for call center clients. This is a module for playing messages on the phone line, in automatic mode.

The main purpose of the announcements is to reduce the cost of processing incoming calls. With the help of the announcements, labor resources are significantly saved, since the service of calls can be provided by a smaller number of contact center operators (or secretaries).

How does the Announcements work?
When a call comes in contact with the center, the announcements plays an audio message on the telephone line. It can be a pleasant melody or voice messages that are most often used. The recorded information is of particular benefit to the subscriber, and also saves time.

What is the use of the company from the Announcements?
The main benefit when using the announcements is to reduce the cost of providing information to the contact center.

If customers call the call center and often ask the same questions, you can facilitate the work of the secretary. The announcements records several messages on a particular topic (how much it costs, how to travel, etc.). Depending on what the subscriber is interested in, the secretary translates his call on the line with the corresponding message of the announcements. At the end of listening to the text, the announcements can return the call to the secretary or end the call. But the best solution is to start the voice menu mechanism.

It is very convenient to provide important information to callers before connecting to an employee. For example, a person calls the company and immediately listens to the announcements message. Perhaps, after this, the need for a conversation with the operator or employee will disappear. Such systems are especially relevant in service companies: in the event of an accident, the announcements will inform the callers about the reason and the approximate time frame for resolving the problem.