Call Center Virtual operators

Virtual office (virtual secretary)

Electronic office: remote processing of calls

Why do companies have a virtual office?
The functions of a virtual office are useful for small and medium-sized businesses to save on the maintenance of the office and staff secretaries. The virtual office solves the tasks of a professional secretary, but does not require large expenditures for the organization of workplaces and staff maintenance. Recently, many companies have been giving out an electronic office for outsourcing.

How does the virtual secretary work?
For the organization of a virtual office, a multi channel telephone number is usually allocated (city or toll-free number 8-800). This number can be announced as a single telephone number of the organization. Customers who call a virtual secretary receive answers to their questions, make orders, and can also be connected to company managers in the corporate telephone network. However, the operator can be away from the office (at home, on the road or in another city) and work remotely, including around the clock.

A phone number can also be virtual. For example, a company  can purchase a phone number in any country and receive calls to its local number from customers from the country number.

The virtual phone number is not tied to a specific address and does not require the installation of additional equipment. The virtual number remains with the company, even if your office moves. All incoming calls to the virtual number via IVR on Asterisk and can be forwarded to mobile and city fixed numbers.

What is the benefit of a virtual office?
Like the call center operator, the virtual secretary can receive a call or fax, place an order in the CRM system and contact the right employees (including by e-mail or sms). The virtual secretary saves a lot of time, cutting off unwanted calls. If necessary, you can arrange to divert incoming phone calls to any employee numbers.

Thanks to its flexible and convenient configuration, the virtual office will process all incoming calls, regardless of their number.

Advantages of using a virtual office are round-the-clock processing of all calls, flexible call forwarding, e-office management from any point, saving on rental and secretary services (you can transfer an electronic office for outsourcing).