Call Center Telemarketing and Telephone Sales

Telemarketing and Telephone Sales

The use of telemarketing in the sale of goods and services

What is telemarketing?
Telemarketing is direct marketing by phone, selling goods and services through telecommunications.

Telemarketing is conducted with a purpose of finding new customers, increasing sales markets, updating information in CRM, questioning and customer surveys. Direct phone contact with potential customers significantly increases the probability of selling goods and services to them, as opposed to passive incoming calls.

What are the advantages of telemarketing?
The main savings when using telemarketing is to save time on sales to customers. If there are many potential customers, telemarketing will reduce the costs of the sales process. The division of labor between call center operators and company managers, making orders, allows increasing the number of transactions made several times.

In telemarketing, all employees benefit: the operators do not need to spend time on the execution of the order and the documentation, their task is to call and attract customers. In turn, managers and managers of the company do not waste time on potential customers and work only with already real customers.

Telemarketing allows you to accurately monitor sales and promptly make the necessary changes to the company’s business processes. Telephone sales are always well measurable and predictable.

Companies that actively use telemarketing, accumulate sales statistics by phone and can more accurately forecast their volumes for a day, a week, a month and a quarter. If you associate this data with other business information (warehouse, production), the company’s management will get a complete picture of the current financial flows. This will allow, for example, if there is a delay in the delivery of goods, quickly switch the sales process to another group of products in the company’s product line.

How to organize telemarketing in the company?
The introduction of telemarketing is carried out on the basis of a corporate or external contact center. The effectiveness of telephone sales can be increased by training professional sales operators who are well acquainted with the products and goods sold, especially if you motivate operators to sell interest.

Our solutions in the field of contact centers provide all the elements of telemarketing: making phone calls, automatic dialing, recording of negotiations, transferring calls to specialists, statistics of calls, etc.

We also offer telemarketing services based on our own call center. Professional contact center operators can quickly and efficiently execute any order to attract customers, highlighting from all potential customers the most promising.