Call Center Sending SMS messages

Sending SMS messages

Organization of dispatch and reception of SMS in the contact center

Why do I need to send SMS?
Modern SMS-technologies easily solve both commercial and social tasks. Usually, SMS sending is used to improve customer feedback, encourage repeat sales, maintain customer loyalty, alert service companies and warnings from emergency services.

Own SMS-center guarantees fast dispatch and delivery of SMS messages. Mobile SMS-technologies are in demand in various branches of economy and effectively solve communication business problems. Any company, no matter where its offices are located , can use SMS sending to deliver messages to customers anywhere in the world.

What are the advantages of sending SMS to business?
SMS sending has a number of advantages over traditional communication systems.

Firstly, this is an immediate notification of the subscriber, it enables you to instantly inform on SMS about promotions and goods receipts. Secondly, the distribution of SMS has a high degree of response and therefore is the most effective advertising channel. Third, the low cost of sending SMS provides a low contact price and allows you to organize marketing mobile marketing without significant financial costs.

But that’s not all! Integration of the SMS sending system with corporate applications provides unique tools for effective work with customers. Based on the data received from the order processing system and CRM-system, you can send personalized SMS. This will allow timely informing customers and partners on important issues and will lead to a reduction in the number of customer calls to the contact center.

What is necessary for sending sms?
To send SMS messages to subscribers, you need a SMS center – the SMS distribution system. The SMS center includes a server and GSM-modems. For large volumes of SMS sending, you will need to connect to the SMS operator’s gateway.

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Our company performs the whole complex of works on the creation of SMS-centers: solution development, installation and configuration of the system, scaling and expansion of SMS sending functionality, support for bulk SMS sending.