Call Center Operator

Call center operator

Call center operator: workplace, call processing, training and motivation

What does the call center operator workstation consist of?

Call center operator’s headset
Call-center represents one or several office premises in which operators are placed. The modern workplace of the operator is equipped with a computer with an installed softphone and a headset (headphones, microphone).

Stationary phones are almost not used in professional call-centers, since the operator needs both hands to work with the keyboard , such phones used for manager personnel .

All workplaces of contact center operators are networked. Call processing and call distribution are managed by the software of the call center server and IP PBX.

How does the contact center operator handle calls?
The call center operator talks with the subscriber according to a certain scenario, designed to solve a specific task. Operator works with electronic forms of the clients in CRM system. Managers supervises the work of the group of operators.

When an incoming call is received from the call center operator (in the CRM system window), a window appears with the information about the client. This allows you to refer to a person by name and do not waste time searching for information about the subscriber. The sequence of pop-up windows allows the operator to easily talk and make necessary notes. Automation of call processing significantly improves call center efficiency and saves subscriber time.

Our contact center software takes into account many parameters: waiting time, operator skills, response time requirements. Based on these and other parameters, calls are distributed between call center operators and the risks of staff shortages are reduced.

Sometimes employees of the call center are divided into several levels of support, which allows you to translate the call to a higher level of service, for example, to solve a complex issue.

How to prepare a call center operator?
The operator is the key contact point of the center, strict requirements are imposed on him: professional  voice, competent speech, good diction, quick reaction, etc.

Preparing and training of call-center operators can be done both independently and with the involvement of a coach. In large call centers, the second option is preferable, since it allows you to prepare a professional operator with the necessary skills in a short time.

The call center operator, who has mastered communication skills and is able to sell by phone, can and should advance the career ladder. Successful operators need to be able to keep in the team, using all the means of personnel management. Particularly appreciated in the team is the attention of the supervisor and the company’s management.

To increase operator loyalty and reduce staff turnover in the call center, it is necessary to involve employees in business processes and use call automation automation tools.