Call Center Interactive voice menu (IVR)

IVR voice menu

Interactive voice menu and voice services

What does IVR mean?
Interactive voice menu (IVR, Interactive Voice Response) provides many opportunities to work with customers and partners of the company.

Contact addresses, directions, company news – all this can and should be present in the contact center voice menu! Round-the-clock availability of information is a good sign of customer orientation.

Today it is difficult to imagine a modern contact center without telephone voice services, combined into an orderly structure. Multilevel voice menu allows you to create an electronic secretary, solving a lot of issues through interactive navigation.

Any person who called the call center can get acquainted with goods and services, get advertising information. If necessary, the subscriber can go to the right employee of the company – place an order or file a complaint.

What does the voice menu consist of?
Interactive voice menu is closely related to modern telephone services – IVR, answering machine and Announcements system. The voice menu combines all the telephony services of the enterprise and is in fact its most important communication node.

IVR (interactive voice response) is a voice messaging system that routes incoming calls. The subscriber enters in the tonal mode the digits that call the assigned employee numbers or services.

Answering machine is activated when there is no employee at the workplace. When a call comes in, the answering machine plays an audio message and records the caller’s message. The employee can receive the voice message left to him by calling the contact center.

Announcements  reproduces in-line audio messages and services calls according to specified rules, improving the quality of customer service.

In our projects, the voice menu systems created on the basis of Asterisk help customers solve their main business tasks: attracting, retaining and quality customer service at any time of the day, weekdays and weekends. Telephone voice services are simple and convenient to use.