Call Center Hotline

Call Center Hotline

Creation of a hotline in the enterprise

What does the hotline give?
Every businessman understands that all calls coming to his company should be serviced by professionally trained people who have all the skills of telephone communication. In order for call center operators to cope with a large number of incoming phone calls, you need a contact center with support for the hotline.

The hotline is a structure that includes a prepared group of call center operators processing calls incoming to a single multichannel telephone number (hotline number).

Correctly organized customer hotline allows transferring the solution of many standard questions and informing customers to the trained call center operators. Thanks to the hotline and the carefully planning of  IVR , the remaining managers are freeing up time to solve really important and complex tasks.

How to organize a hotline?
Do you want to open a hotline? On the basis of its own call-center? Then you here! Our solution allows you to create a hotline in 3 days.

As a rule, a multichannel telephone number is allocated for organizing a hotline – a direct city number or a federal number in code 8-800 (free hotline). The customer who called the hotline phone receives answers from qualified operators trained in the specifics of the company’s business.

The hotline operator works in a strict scenario and translates calls to company employees only in approved cases. Communication with customers is carried out according to an agreed algorithm, and only those call center operators who have successfully completed training and certification are allowed to work with the hotline phone.

What benefits will the company receive from the implementation of the hotline?
Advantages of implementing a hotline in the company: all incoming calls will be accepted and processed by the call center, a multi-channel number allows you to get through to the hotline phone to everyone, real feedback from consumers that improves the products and services of the company, Receive calls, and managers execute orders), employees of the enterprise do not get distracted from the main job at receiving calls, all calls are recorded, recorded and get into Reports.