Call Center Dialer

Auto Dialer

Auto dialer system for making outgoing calls from the contact center

How much does the auto-dial program cost?
The auto-dial program is delivered as a separate module, integrated into the call-center. To operate the auto-dial module, you must first install the Call Center solution. It is possible to use together with solutions of other providers of call centers Asterisk.

When you need a call?
The automatic redial system allows automatic dialing if the subscriber’s telephone is busy or does not answer.

Every day, we are faced with the need to make calls to customers and partners. But what if you can not reach the right number?

Functions of the program for automatic redialing

The automatic redial module has a wide functionality for calling any number of contacts:

Create, edit, and delete campaigns.
Selection of agents (operators) for handling calls.
The choice of contacts for calling from the base CRM-system.
Select campaign type (end or endless / by criteria).
Snap to the queue number in the telephony system (Asterisk).
Select the types of phone numbers for dialing (working, mobile, home, other).
Number of attempts to reach the contact.
Specify the interval between chimes for one contact.
Set the number of simultaneous calls to contacts per operator.
Configuring the auto-redial schedule.
Campaign status management (Launched, Stopped, Completed).

How does the notificator work?

Our contact center allows you to simultaneously redeem several phones. Taking an indication of the automatic redial, the system makes attempts to establish a connection to a given number. When the subscriber picks up the phone, he hears the message from the contact center: “Hello …”. If the system is not able to establish a connection within the specified time, automatic redialing attempts are interrupted.

Now you do not need to waste time and energy on dialing! The auto-redial function in our solutions for contact centers will make it easy and simple to call the right person. Employees of the company will be able to reach those numbers, which are almost always occupied. The dialer will not need to waste your time: when the subscriber answers, the system will dial you yourself, allowing you to start the conversation.

Where does auto-dialing apply?
With the help of auto-dialing, it is much easier to inform subscribers – employees, suppliers, customers and other business partners. The system of automatic redialing is increasingly used in modern systems of the “smart house”.

Automatic dialing systems are beginning to be actively used in service companies to combat non-payers . Calling debtors with the help of a dial-up program is in demand by collection agencies. The technology of automatic redial allows you to organize regular calling of subscribers with the issuance of a prepared voice message. It is noteworthy that there is an opportunity to personalize the messages – subscribers receive information on their debts.

Auto-redemption of debtors more than justifies itself: many organizations manage to repay debt funds by reducing the list of debtors. Auto-dialing non-payers and debtors is easy to connect and configure, but very effective.