Call Center Conference call

Conference call based on Asterisk contact center

Creation of audio conference and video conference systems

What is a conference call?
Conference call is a function of the contact center, which allows three or more subscribers to simultaneously communicate over the phone.

If the parties do not have the opportunity to gather in one place or if it is necessary to discuss issues with several subscribers over the telephone, the conference call solves this problem. Its use in business makes it possible to save time and money, which makes conference services very popular.

What features does the conference call have?
Conference calls are organized in audio or video mode. Audio-conferencing provides voice communication of subscribers over the phone, and video-conferencing allows them to see and hear each other. For the most common audio-conferencing, but increasingly in business, video conferencing is used.

To communicate in a conferencing mode, participants use various means of communication: stationary or mobile phones of the corporate telephone network, communication software (softphones).

Conferencing systems based on IP-telephony, created by us in the contact center, provide high-quality audio and video communication with any remote users and territorial units of the company connected to the Internet.

Despite the fact that there are free communication systems on the web (for example, Skype), usually users use them locally, without interacting with the contact center of the company. It will be much more effective to integrate Skype into the corporate contact center and use the Skype + Asterisk solutions.

How much does it cost to implement a conference call system?
If traditional telephony networks require expensive equipment (office PBX, conference bridge, expensive phones with conferencing support), with use of IP PBX will require only a VoIP gateway and an IP phone (or a free softphone) . The cost of creating conference systems based on IP-telephony is 3-6 times lower than the cost of creating similar systems in a fixed telephone network.

That’s why most Western companies have already switched to IP-telephony, completely abandoning the expensive telephone systems of the past. Asterisk’s capabilities make it possible to obtain affordable audio and video conferencing not only for managers, but also for ordinary employees.

Conference call based on IP PBX Asterisk shows excellent efficiency: reduces travel time and associated costs, speeds up decision-making processes in emergencies, increases employee productivity, enables you to make more informed decisions by attracting additional experts, allows you to quickly and efficiently Allocate resources